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Evolution and InnovationSave Biodiversity...Rise

About us

EDGE INDIA group is a Rising Bud Conceived with petals of Future Concepts and Ideas for Real & Pure Human Evolution.

In Search..............SOUL OF LIFE......

Where each and every (Human, Animal & Plant)....Life....... is Cared............and war is eradicated.......!

First step Toward that is Purifying the human Mind & Soul through ground education.

EDGE INDIA Agrotech are consultants in generation next  Sustainable agro Solutions . Edge india agrotech provides Sustainable agro related solutions under one umbrella and undertake modules & projects on turnkey basis. Deals in manufacturing and designing Sustainable Shelter Farming Solutions, supply Green houses/Net houses, Planting materials, Seeds, Irrigation solutions, Agronomy supports, Pre and post crop management and finally providing marketing solutions for the end produce.

EDGE INDIA Agrotech is upcoming with  Agro Research & Development Centres at different climatic zones in himalaya....foothills and towards western Ghats to understand the impact of Shelter Farming on Horticulture / Floriculture / Herbs & Spice crops blending the Highteck generation next  Technologies with localized solutions. The aim is to mate the Highteck with localized conditions and generate cost effective mechanisms for the common farmers as per territorial and climatic conditions.

Apart from creating these facilities, workable modules on tissue culture focused for healthy disease free planting material and new cultivars will be the future stream.  EDGE is creating an Umbrella by associating small farmers and organizing with them to create a collective hub for cooperative movement with a clear focus to make Agri culture / Horticulture a value based ethical business  further promoting Pure organic produce under shelter farming programme.

Edge India Group worked across the country on Ground to educate the masses related the root causes of majority of diseases in human ages and the carrier of those majority diseases.... water..!

Edge India provided Pure Drinking water solutions through generation next technologies to the people since last 12 years.









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