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For many greenhouse projects, cooling is an essential requirement as a greenhouse by its very nature creates and stores heat. A variety of cooling methods can be implemented that provide a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario for the grower. 

The simplest, and most cost effective technique is by means of air exchange between the air inside the greenhouse and the atmosphere outside. This exchange is accomplished either passively through roof and side vents, or actively by operating ventilators that increase the rate of air exchange when natural air exchange is insufficient for the plant’s requirements.

Another cooling process, which increases the humidity while lowering the temperature inside the greenhouse, is adiabatic cooling. Edge India Agrotech  supplies two cooling systems based on this principle.

  • Cool net is a super-fine mist sprayer that can reduce the ambient temperature by 5-10°C. It delivers an ultra-small drop size of 80 microns at a pressure of 4 bars that is highly suitable for rooting and does not wet crop leaves. It is acid resistant, fogs at any pressure and can be used for chemical applications.
  • Evaporative Cooling Systems allow the grower to efficiently cool the air entering the greenhouse. These pad and fan systems make use of their innovative  evaporative cooling pad, that is engineered to provide maximum cooling, low pressure drop and years of reliable service.
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