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EI - HMT - 011



EI - HMT - 011  :   EDGE INDIA HIGH MOUNTAIN TUNNEL is specially designed for higher altitude zones ( 1500 to 3500 mts. above sea level ) . This model is specifically designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions right from heavy snow zones to hail storms and high wind velocity upto 130 K.M / Hr.

GENERAL INFORMATION : High tunnels are unheated, plastic-covered structures that provide an intermediate level of environmental protection and control compared to open field conditions and heated greenhouses.Greenhouse structures may be covered with glass, rigid panels, or double-layers of plastic, but high tunnels are usually covered with a single layer of plastic. High tunnels are tall enough to walk-in comfortably and to grow tall, trellised crops such as tomatoes, Bell Pepper, Cucumber etc. (In contrast, low tunnels are too short to stand upright inside and cannot be used to produce some crops) .

There are no standard dimensions for high tunnel sizes, but they typically fall within the ranges of 5-11 meters wide by 20-100 meters long. Most high tunnels are passively ventilated via roll-up sidewalls and end walls that can be opened or removed, Crops generally require no heat, though supplementary heat can be provided for protection on cold nights or used to extend the season even longer.

Crops are typically grown in ground beds within the high tunnel rather than in containers, Crops grown in these ground beds must be irrigated because rain cannot enter the protective structure, Compared to open field conditions, plastic-covered high tunnels result in a warmer production environment during late fall  winter and early spring seasons,  This offers the advantage starting crops earlier in the spring and harvesting them later in the fall. Production during the winter season is possible, but this is restricted by severity of winter weather, what crops are grown, and availability of supplemental heat, Use of sprinkler irrigation or mist in the summer in combination with shade cloth reduces temperatures under the high tunnels.

During all seasons, high tunnels provide protection from wind and rain, which can result in increased crop yields and improved quality as well as decreased incidence of pest and disease problems. A strict definition of a high tunnel does not exist, and the terminology may change depending on the structure's use.


Foundation :

  • Foundation pipes around 2 mm thickness 1200 mm length deformed at the lower ends to prevent its release from the cement cube and to strengthen connection to the pillars.
  • The foundation hole has a minimum 400 mm diameter with a minimum depth of around 1000 mm.
  • The upper part of foundation pipe protrudes 300 mm above ground level and 900 mm of pipe must lock inside the hole.
  • The distance between foundations is 4 meter on the gutter front and 5 to 8 meter on the gable front depending on configrutation as per site.

Pillars :

  • All the outer pillars in the structure are 2.5" (75mm) diameter, 2mm thickness and hot galvanized with zinc 275 gr/m2.
  • The height of the pillars is 3, 4, 5 or 6 meters.
  • The pillars to the main foundation are locked with galvanized nuts and bolts.

Arches :

  • The arches of the structure are made of hot galvanized steel pipes of 2" ( 60mm) diameter and 2 mm thickness.
  • Distance between arches ia 4meter.
  • The structure and size of the arches differ from one another depending upon different type of model heights and vents.
  • The role of arches allows better extentions of the coverings and prevents water accumulations on the top.

Balconies ( Gallery ) :

  • The Structure is reinforced at its width by a diagnol wall ( balcony ) made of 60mm / 45 mm dia pipe.
  • The distance between the balcony foundation and main piller is from 2-3 meter.
  • The balcony galleries are used as working corridors.

Connection of covering :

  • The polysheet covering and the side nets are connected to the structure by a locking profile of 31.5x14.7x1.5 mm made of aluminum or galvanized steel.
  • Profile is used in every and corner of the green house for same purpose.
  • Profile has a shape of female profile and can hold around 3 layers of net or sheet coverings and three male springs.

Entry Room :

  • An entry room is optional.
  • The standard size of entry room is around 3m to 5m depending upon the model.
  • Entry room is covered with woven poly sheet.
  • The main purpose of entry room is for sanitation and for reducing chances for entry of insects and pests.


Role of heavy machines to devolp lands in high hills is the key.
Land Development in steepy hills in progress.
The archs of this model is 2" ( 60mm) dia & strong strength to withstand climatic excegencies
Hockey / Balcony to  strengthn  walls of Green house.
overall Frame of EI - High Mountain Tunnel.
Pillars are strong enough with 2.5" Dia.
Framing of steel design is the core for a strong structure.
Sheet covering under process.
Bed Preprations pre plantations.
plantation of Carnation Saplings after completion
Healthy Saplings of Carnation flowers ready to bloom
Waste lands converted to hightech flower production unit.
Mr. Lalit Chauhan a progresive farmer.
Carnation Buds of global standards.
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