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Income and Capital return under Greenhouse Cultivation ?

The yield under poly house cultivation can be achieved to the level of 5-8 times as compared to the open crop cultivation. Various trials conducted at agro research centers in northern india indicates that capsicum ( planted in mid September), cucumber (planting –mid October) and tomato (November planting) under poly house produced 1060kg, 1460 kg and 1530 kg per 100 square meter. The duration of these crops were 4- 9 months and more than 90% of total yield were obtained during off-season (during winter before the start of summer) which fetches significantly higher market price (2-4 times than normal season). Further, the crop duration  can be extended up to the July –August with the application of micro irrigation and fertigation and yield can be achieved to the level of 20-25 kg/m2. Therefore, it is possible to harvest a single crop round year with minimum additional inputs and higher income can be generated. Further Cut Flowers like Carnations, Gerbera, Lilly, Rose, orchids, antherium etc.can be grown under polyhouses/ net houses giving high returns and top quality produce. The potential of flouriculture under protected cultivation is huge for indian and global markets.

The cost of construction of poly house depends on location of site, size and shape of poly house, poly house structure (wooden or GI/ Steel) and types of poly house (naturally ventilated or environmental controlled). The cost of bigger naturally ventilated poly house (1000 m2) ranges from Rs.800 to 900 per square meter whereas the environmental controlled poly houses require 2 to 3  times investments over previous one depending on the automation gadgets installed.  The per unit area construction cost of smaller size poly houses are more as compared to larger poly house. Similarly the cost of cultivation in larger poly house is significantly lower than smaller poly house.

It is possible to get back the investment on poly house within a period of 3 to 5 years period. If a entrepreneurs /cultivator go for poly house for nursery production of   high yielding vegetable plants in an area where large scale vegetable cultivation is done, in such condition he can get back his investment within 2-3 years by providing quality planting materials to vegetable  or flower growers.  

The success of the Polyhouse / nethouse Project depends upon the scale of project.

Minimum recommended project with right economic viability and longterm sustainability is around 1 -2 acres. 

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