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Why Green house & Poly house Cultivation ?

After the advent of green revolution, more emphasis is laid on the quality of the agricultural product along with the quantity of production to meet the ever-growing food and nutritional requirements. Both these demands can be met when the environment for the plant growth is suitably controlled. The need to protect the crops against unfavourable environmental conditions led to the development of protected agriculture. Greenhouse is the most practical method of achieving the objectives of protected agriculture, where natural environment is modified by using sound engineering principles to achieve optimum plant growth and yield. Poly house cultivation has become an important policy of Indian Agriculture. Our country is self dependent on food grain production but to fulfill the nutritional security, the gap between increasing demand of horticultural produce has to be filled. This gap can not be filled by the traditional horticulture which required large area under horticulture to increase the production for the ever growing population. Green house technology has potential to produce more produce per unit area with increased input use efficiency. Therefore, this problem can be coped up by adopting green /poly house technology for the horticultural production. For example if one lakhs hectare area under vegetable cultivation is brought out under poly house cultivation the annual availability of vegetable will be increased by at least 100 lakhs tons. Besides this it will also increase the significant jobs opportunity for the skilled rural men, youths and rural women.

Total production of vegetables in India is next to China, but per capita availability of vegetables is much lower than required. The production of vegetable crops are to be increased to meet the demand of the ever growing population otherwise per capita availability of vegetables will further go down. There is lot of pressure on cultivable land caused due to industrialization, urbanization and expansion of the rural villages. Therefore, it is utmost necessary to improve the productivity of crops including vegetables by adopting intensive cultivation, hydroponics and poly house cultivation. Adopting poly house cultivation the productivity of vegetable crops can be increased by 3-5 times as compared to open environment. Besides productivity, the better quality of produce is also obtained under poly house cultivation. This technology can be adopted by the rural youth for more income per unit of land.

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